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photo of me courtesy of: brijanacato.com

After 7 years working in a variety of finance and sales roles, a call for change rung in my ears. Taking the leap out of my secure working life and onto a less predictable path, I have led myself on a journey that has challenged me more than I ever thought possible. Three years of photo taking, life living and personal growth later and here I am, standing tall... the absolute best version of myself.

In early 2015 I left my job and packed my car with some surfboards, an airbed, and a camera. I hit the road... travelling around New Zealand for four months on a journey of discovery and a venture into the unknown which led me to the Four Corners of NZ and my first ever creative project. 
Thanks to social media my photographs and stories were shared, commented on, and written about. Before I knew it my journey had been documented by friends, family, brands and strangers from all around the world.. With a natural progression after this into a world of commercial freelance photography and a variety of clients and projects I have loved working with such a great variety of people, friends, clients and families. 

Last year (2017) I worked with Emirates Team New Zealand in Bermuda for the 35th America's Cup campaign as their team photographer and managed the team's daily storytelling via Instagram. An experience I will never forget.

The future is ever changing and all I hope is to continue to maintain balance in life and focus available time on meaningful and genuine projects.

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